Things one need to know about Medicare insurance as you turn 65

As one reaches 65 or is about to get there, there are several facts you need to consider before purchasing one.

One needs to choose as to which part to consider first bearing in mind that all parts have a role to play:

  • Part A: Will cater for hospital services, skilled nursing services, and home care health services.
  • Part B covers medical expenses such as outpatient services, laboratory tests which include blood tests, and also X-ray services
  • Part C covers the combined insurance both for the government approved accompanies and private insurance companies.
  • Part D covers all the prescription costs which usually support the reduction of the entire price of the prescription.
  • Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 to help you pay for the gaps in Medicare.

It is essential to understand that Both Part A and B do not adequately cover for the Medicare costs but they are further integrated into Copay per doctors Visit, Initial deductions before the program take off and other insurance costs that may be associated with them depending on the insurance company that one has taken up.

Before signing with an insurance company, one needs to understand the following;

  1. The amount of premium to pay, charges for copayment and coinsurance. It is because insurance companies may charge differently depending on the one chosen for instance the Blue Shield of Texas, the Mutual of Omaha.

Most of these companies will cover Part A and B comfortably, but part D is considered as a separate Medicare and is often charged differently.

  1. For Texas Medicare insurance ensure that you understand the costs involved in making a conclusive decision. It includes the premiums, copay, and other insurance charges before making any commitment.
  2. Put into consideration your age, location and previous health history as per the Texas law to compare with other private insurance companies since a standard regulation governs the Texas Medicare insurance.
  3. During your prime years ensure that you carry out extensive research regarding the available options that offer Medicare insurance so that as you approach the retirement age, all is set and that there will be no struggle settling for a defined cover.


Since the whole Idea of taking the medical insurance can become a nightmare, the best advice is to ensure that when in the prime years, gather as much information as you can from the practitioners who will always be there to support and give relevant details on the best insurance company to choose.