Sure-fire Tip for Stopping an Itchy Beard

Beards have been cultivated and used by men since ancient times. They were a sign of maturity, an element of convenience, and many became symbols of power or status. Today, more and more American men are growing and maintaining the beard.

Despite the freshness and novelty of pushing the beard, the actual process of growth can be uncomfortable. For the uninitiated beard itch, flaking, and general discomfort are common symptoms affecting beard growers throughout the world.

Regular washing is essential to general beard hygiene and to prevent unwanted odors.

Beyond that, modern beard oils can be a real lifesaver.

Like any other product, the range of beard oils is simply scary.

There are all mass produced synthetic products that promise all kinds of outcome-oriented nature that are sold locally or online.

For initial beard producers, we recommend collecting a non-scented oil beard. Odorless is crucial because many products tend to project its smell strongly throughout the day (and dominate any other smell you may have on). In addition, unscented products are great options considered for those who are sensitive to perfumes or other strong odors.

Ingredient wise, there are three essential oils that are excellent for moisturizing the skin and hair. Argan oil, jojoba oil and grape seed oil are excellent natural and organic to keep skin and hair healthy and supple and odorless options. Other oils can also help, but often have a strong and pungent odor that can be put to much.

As far as application, normally a drop of oil beard in the palm of your hand is enough to make massages in a beard more and more. The goal is to reach the skin under the hair, then give a massage on. Repeated use will help minimize the amount of itchy beard and also helps promote healthy hair growth and beard.

Depending on where in the US you live, the places you are and buy the beard oils may differ. Large cities may have specialized stores, or luxury boutiques for men who wear several brands. However, if not, a simple Google search will produce a variety of results.