When it makes the best sense to opt for the Medicare Advantage Plans?

Even if you are covered under the health insurance plan, you stand exposed to the challenges of bearing extravagant expenses, out-of-pocket. How to overcome such challenges? Well, the most effective solution in that regard is to opt for the Medicare Advantage Plans. This will enable you to downsize the extent of upfront expenses for availing the necessary medical care, though you will continue to enjoy the benefits, offered by the basic Medicare scheme. Here are the right instances, when you can avail the maximum benefits, subscribing for these plans.


The right timing to subscribe to the Medicare Advantage Plan


  • The period of Initial coverage election starts 3 months, just prior to your entitlement to enjoy the benefits from the Part A and B of the 2019┬áMedicare Advantage plans. This period ends, either, on the last working day of the month, prior to have the coverage, as per the Part A and B schedules, or, the last day of the Initial Enrollment period for the Part B, whichever being later.


  • Individuals, who have already subscribed to the Original Medicare plan, during the initial enrollment period of the Medicare, otherwise or automatically, the election period of the initial coverage as well initial enrollment period comes at the same time.


  • The initial enrollment span commences 3 months prior to month you will attain 65 years of age and it includes the month of birth and ends 3 months after that span. In case, you have not subscribed to the original Medicare scheme at the time of the initial enrollment span, the initial period for coverage election will be of a 3 month span, prior to the commencement of the Part B of the Medicare plan, stretching between 1st April and 30th


  • The period for Annual election spans between 15th October and 7th December and you can switch between the providers of the Original Medicare and the Medicare Advantage Plans, if you require making changes to the schemes of benefits that you are presently enjoying. Usually, the new sets of benefits, after making such changes, commences on and from 1st of Januray every year.


  • In a few instances, it is possible to change to the plans of Medicare Advantages schemes during the period of special election. Such instances are likely to include, however, not restricted to the scopes of shifting to a new address, losing the existing coverage, opting for other plans, as well as opting for changes to the existing plans that are likely to influence the health benefits.