Åndedrætsværn Therapy

Do you own five or more “vague” symptoms that occur with some regularity? Then, the cause can be quickly found in an incorrect breathing. And then therefore the solution is near: Åndedrætsværn therapy.

They come in bright or greater extent. It ranges from frequent sighing or yawning dizziness, chest pain, headache or pain in the neck or shoulders. We feel absent and lifeless, have trouble thinking clearly and concentrate, poor sleep, be forgetful. You will understand that you are there both in your private life as an expense of having your work.

Many people walk around with it for years and are sent from pillar jester wall without really clear what’s going on. The sooner therefore be recognized and acknowledged the complaints, be of a sound diagnosis can be faster. It can also lead to accelerated recovery.


Often with symptoms of pregnancy. Obviously, because this is a stressful period, the breathing often literally coming under pressure. And young people are also an important target group. Think of the enormous stresses built up during gaming computer. They often sit with bated breath behind their computer.

Respiratory therapy can rapidly to most complaints and adequately cope. Moreover, this is accompanied by the reduction of the respiratory rate, with an average of 40 percent. Breathe easier promotes recovery to a large extent.

First find a conversation with the Åndedrætsværn therapist this place where you ask for the possible backgrounds of your symptoms. All your complaints are inventoried and mapped on the customer card. Do not worry if you after questioning shows that you are more than 5, there may be dozens from the list of 200 possible complaints. Of course also examines whether there are peculiarities in your personal situation to make further consultation with GP or specialist. Such a specialist can be an occupational physician or occupational therapist. Incidentally, you can always count on 100% integrity and reliability of your coach.

After the intake breathing exercise program with you by voice. The program mainly consists of breathing exercises that take you through speaking and training during your appointments with your therapist. Those breathing training sessions take place weekly. Then you get with orders to continue to practice at home.

It is very important that you strictly follow the instructions of the Åndedrætsværn therapist. The rate of improvement varies from person to person: the one will notice it right away at the beginning, with the other improvements become manifest after six sessions.

Eventually observed, almost all by the end of the training that the situation has improved itself. some time also the workouts at home quite take and the better you stick to it, the greater the likelihood of smooth recovery.

It is also important not only how people breathe, but how many times per minute. It is also important how much air is always on and exhaled. If only one of these three different, all complaints can already occur.

The training given by the therapists are quite intensive. This allows us to keep the short period of training. The number of exercises is performed weekly. After a week or 7 then begin with the completion of exercises. On average, you are redeemed within eight to 10 weeks of your symptoms. Many of our clients are after that period (sometimes even earlier) already do fully at work or again be able to all those things at home that they were previously accustomed to do. The better you follow the advice of the therapist, the better and faster the final result.

At 95% of the clients the most common complaints disappear already during the training program. Fatigue makes way for new energy, your self-confidence returns and you can better cope with stress. Many clients can quickly recognize new situations of stress or other symptoms after the training and immediately effective deal with the exercises they have learned.

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